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Land Applications 
The several research and development projects we are working on best describe our field of duty, expertise, and knowhow.

Current projects

inLane Low Cost GNSS and Computer Vision Fusion for Accurate Lane Level Navigation and Enhanced Automatic Map Generation   2016 – 2018

SAILOR Smart lAst mILe cOmmeRce   2016 – 2018

Successfully completed projects

iPolSys mobile Mobile Documentation Service for the integrated Police System iPolSys   2016

MCGS Development of a Multipurpose Cooperative GNSS Server   2016

RemoteNav Remote Sensing based Navigation in remote areas   2016

UKRAINE Ukraine Replication, Awareness and Innovation based on EGNSS   2016

TROPSY Assessment techniques of tropospheric
effects for local augmentation systems

GeoWSN GNSS-basiertes Frühwarnsystems zur
Beurteilung der Gefährdung kritischer
Infrastruktur durch Hangrutschungen

ASPHALT Advance galileo navigation System for
asPHALt's fleeT machines

GENEVA Galileo / EGNOS Enhanced Driver Assistance   2012

GIOMO next Generation near real-time IOnospheric MOdels   2012

GNSSmeter GNSS-based metering for vehicle applications
and value added road services

GALAPAGOS GALileo-bAsed seamless and robust
Positioning Applications for loGistics
Optimization proceSses

OEGNOS Austrian EGNOS Data Server   2010

NAVCOM Integrated GNSS and Mobile 
Communications Terminal

SATSKI Sensorgestütztes Tool zur Performanceanalyse im Profiskisport   2006

EGNOS TRAN EGNOS Terrestrial Regional 
Augmentation Network

GLORIA GNSS and LORAN-C in Road and 
Rail Applications

LOREG LORAN-C/ Eurofix/ EGNOS Test and 
Validation Programme