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Applications on the Synergy of Satellite Telecommunications, Earth Observation and Navigation – Search and Rescue Land (ASTRON) 

Development of a pre-operational, yet functional demonstrator for Search and Rescue (SAR) operations in mountain rescue services consisting of support technology for the headquarter and the field teams.  

Brief Description
SAR Land designs, implements, and validates a proof-of-concept demonstrator in the field of SAR operations on land. The specific application targeted here is a mission support tool for mountain rescue services. The potential of synergistic services combining Earth observation, navigation, communication, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) by introducing an innovative solution to a real need is demonstrated. The demonstrator works on a pre-operational yet functional basis.  

Project Partners
    GAF AG, Germany (lead)
    TeleConsult Austria, Austria

    Applications on the Synergy of Telecommunication, Earth Observation and
    Navigation (ASTRON) Programme (European Community Joint Research
    Centre at Ispra, Italy)

    Successfully completed in 2001