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EGNOS Navigation Terminals Development and Demonstration Activity Phase 2 (EGNOS NT 2)

Demonstration of the benefits of EGNOS for innovative navigation terminal applications in the field of road transport, forestry, and shipping.

Brief Description
Vehicle, vessel, and pedestrian navigation terminals are heavily based on satellite navigation services and are delivering positioning and navigation functions to the users. Sophisticated terminals are a key element for actually realising the vast potential benefit brought through a reliable positioning and timing service.

The project called EGNOS NT2 aimed at the industrialisation of the terminals demonstrated in Phase 1, as well as extensive demonstrations of the applications in their operational environment.

TeleConsult Austria was responsible for the development of two navigation terminals for application within mechanised forestry operations: a pedestrian terminal for the use within forest inventory, and a vehicle terminal for application within the forest logistic chain management.

The development of the terminals can be seen as innovative approach to facilitate, automate, and accelerate logistic application flows within forestry. By the use of the terminals, a reduction of costs and saving of resources of up to 30% will be achievable for forest enterprises.

The main goals of the activity have been:
  • to demonstrate the benefits of EGNOS in a set of professional applications in road transport, forestry and shipping, all requiring an increased quality of positioning information
  • to put the participating companies in a position to offer EGNOS-based end customer products as a nearly market-ready solution

Project Partners
    Euro Telematik AG, Germany (lead)
    Inesc Inovação, Portugal
    TeleConsult Austria, Austria

    European Space Agency (ESA)

    Successfully completed in 2005