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ENC 2013 –
The European Navigation
Conference 2013

Organization of the 17th GNSS conference
Vienna, 23 – 25 April 2013

  ENC 2013
Brief Description
The European Navigation Conference 2013 was the seventeenth conference in the GNSS series held under the auspices of the European Group of Institutes of Navigation (EUGIN). The conference was hosted by the Austrian Institute of Navigation (OVN) and took place from 23 to 25 April 2013 in Vienna, Austria. The OVN commissioned TeleConsult Austria together with Brimatech Services GmbH and Geomatica to organize the conference.

The conference focused on the present status as well as on future developments in satellite navigation systems, with special emphasis on GALILEO. Thus, ENC 2013 was a showcase for state of the art and, more important, for innovations in the field of satellite navigation. The implementation of new technologies in satellite navigation was illustrated by the industry exhibition, running in parallel to the conference.

The slogan of the European Navigation Conference 2013 was Navigation – Expanding our Horizons!

    Successfully completed in 2013