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EGNOS Terrestrial Regional Augmentation
Network (EGNOS TRAN)  

Investigations on the terrestrial broadcast of the EGNOS data. 

Brief Description
Due to the low elevation of the EGNOS satellites, their signal can hardly or even not be received in certain regions. Many present and also future applications require a high accuracy and also a high reliability of the position determination, which can easily be performed by EGNOS. But if the EGNOS signal can not be received, the requirements of those applications can no longer be satisfied. Therefore, EGNOS TRAN evaluated various technical methods to broadcast the EGNOS signal via terrestrial networks, like GSM/GPRS, Loran-C or GRAS. Also economic aspects were treated. Further, the project developed some application examples, for which a demonstrator have been developed.  

Project Partners
    Telespazio, Italy (lead)
    Airsys ATM, France
    HiTec Marketing, Austria
    Swedavia, Sweden
    Telecom Italia Mobile, Italy
    TeleConsult Austria, Austria
    Thales Navigation, France

    European Space Agency (ESA)

    Successfully completed in 2003