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GALILEO and EGNOS for waterway transport

Introducing EGNOS and GALILEO into the European River Information System 
Brief Description
The GALEWAT (GALILEO and EGNOS for waterway transport) project, conducted by a consortium of partners operating in the fields of waterway operation and management, navigation, maritime electronics, telecommunication and IT industries and services, aimed at the realization of a first step towards the introduction of EGNOS and finally GALILEO into the upcoming RIS all across Europe. The project comprised the following main steps:
  • Identify user requirements (e.g. RNP Parameter), services and demonstration projects.
  • Evaluate EGNOS for application in Transport & Traffic Info Services as well as for Traffic & Transport Management purposes.
  • Integrate EGNOS into the AIS transponder environment.
  • Analyse and validate through theoretical work as well as through a demonstration project in the DoRIS test centre, that EGNOS, integrated into the AIS transponder concept, is capable to meet the user and service requirements; special emphasis will be on accuracy and integrity requirements.
  • Develop and analyse transition scenarios from today’s situation towards use of EGNOS and GALILEO. 

Project Partners
    via donau, Austria (lead)
    INOV, Portugal
    Kongsberg Seatex AS, Norway
    TeleConsult Austria, Austria

    European Space Agency (ESA)

    Successfully completed in 2005