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Assisted Galileo/GPS/EGNOS Mass Market
Receiver (GAMMA) 

Development of a Galileo/GPS/EGNOS navigation receiver with improved tracking capabilities, also for indoor use. 
Brief Description
The Galileo user receiver represents a key technology and is at the heart of the user segment. It is the main physical interface between the system and the user. It transforms the Galileo Signal-in-Space into services for the citizen.

As the majority of Galileo users will be Galileo Open Service users, utilising mass market type of receiver, a specific emphasis is brought to the development of the specific technologies for the mass market receiver and its specific constraints.

Combining the positioning services with other services (such as communication, map visualisation, guidance or others) and physically integrating the user receiver into an user terminal, the final user will have the user terminal in hand that delivers a full set of services.

The receiver, to be developed within this project, should combine Galileo L1 signals with GPS C/A-code and EGNOS signals. The signal acquisition should be supported by a mobile communication link to speed up the acquisition and to find weak satellite signals in indoor environments or urban canyons.

Project Partners
    Fraunhofer IIS, Germany (lead)
    IMST GmbH, Germany
    Agilent, Belgium
    Alcatel Space, France
    Robert Bosch GmbH, Germany
    SAW Components, Germany
    TeleConsult Austria, Austria
    University of Bologna, Italy
    The 425 Company, United Kingdom
    Supported by: Volkswagen AG, Germany

    Galileo Joint Undertaking, under FP6 of the European Union

    Successfully completed in 2008