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Successfully completed projects

Land Applications

iPolSys mobile Mobile Documentation Service for the integrated Police System iPolSys   2016

MCGS Development of a Multipurpose Cooperative GNSS Server   2016

RemoteNav Remote Sensing based Navigation in remote areas   2016

UKRAINE Ukraine Replication, Awareness and Innovation based on EGNSS   2016

TROPSY Assessment techniques of tropospheric
effects for local augmentation systems

GeoWSN GNSS-based early warning system for
landslide risk assessment

ASPHALT Advance galileo navigation System for
asPHALt's fleeT machines

GENEVA Galileo / EGNOS Enhanced Driver Assistance   2012

GIOMO next Generation near real-time IOnospheric MOdels   2012

GNSSmeter GNSS-based metering for vehicle applications
and value added road services

GALAPAGOS GALileo-bAsed seamless and robust
Positioning Applications for loGistics
Optimization proceSses

OEGNOS Austrian EGNOS Data Server   2010

NAVCOM Integrated GNSS and Mobile 
Communications Terminal

SATSKI Sensorgestütztes Tool zur Performanceanalyse im Profiskisport   2006

EGNOS TRAN EGNOS Terrestrial Regional 
Augmentation Network

GLORIA GNSS and LORAN-C in Road and 
Rail Applications

LOREG LORAN-C/ Eurofix/ EGNOS Test and 
Validation Programme


Forest and Agriculture Applications

SANOWA Satellite based emergency call system for lumberjacks   2009

EASE Enhancing Agriculture by Satellite Navigation Systems   2006

EGNOS NT2 EGNOS Navigation Terminals Development
and Demonstration Activity Phase 2

EMMFOR Application of modern methods for
forest inventories

HOLMES Forest logistics enhanced by
satellite-based navigation


Search and Rescue

SARONTAR Demo Situational Awareness and Command &
Control of Rescue Forces in Alpine Regions

SARONTAR I & II Search And Rescue Optimisation by satellite Navigation Technologies in Alpine Regions   2009

PANORAMA Personalised Applications based on reliable Positioning, Communication and GIS / Managementsystems in the Alps   2006

ASTRON Applications on the Synergy of Satellite Telecommunications, Earth Observation and Navigation – Search and Rescue Land   2001


Maritime Applications

IRIS Europe 3 Implementation of River Information Services in Europe 3   2014

ARIADNA Maritime Volumetric Navigation System   2013

NAVWAT Future high precision navigation system
for inland waterways

DoRIS/IALA DoRIS/IALA DGPS Performance Monitoring   2009

HEADNAV HEADing device for inland waterway NAVigation   2008

IDEAL Identification, tracing, and transport logistic for barges   2007

GALEWAT GALILEO and EGNOS for waterway transport   2005

EPRIS Evaluation of Positioning technologies for the
generation of value-added services in the
environment of River Information Services


Rail Applications

DITPOS RAIL Integrated solution for train positioning with tailor-made integrity calculations   2015

ECO-RAIL EGNOS Controlled Railway Equipment   2005


Location Based Services and Personal Mobility

smartYACHT Development of a GNSS based system for ship monitoring   2016

SIPAS Assessment of information management systems, position filtering and activity detection for senior citizens   2015

ARGUS Assisting peRsonal GUidance System for
people with visual impairment

FLIXDATE Floating Ski Data by GNSS   2013

LOBSTER Location based service for analysing escaping
crowds of people in crisis situations to support
first responders

IEGLO Infrastructure-Augmented EGNOS/Galileo
Receiver for Personal Mobility

POMAR 3D Module for determining position and orientation of a mobile augmented reality client for a real-time 3D-visualization of subsurface infrastructure lines   2009

AGILE Application of Galileo In the LBS Environment   2007

SARHA Sensor-Augmented EGNOS/Galileo Receiver for Handheld Applications in Urban and Indoor Environments   2007

SOPHA Integration of Software Receiver with Enhanced Integrity Concept on PDA for Safety Critical Handheld Applications   2007

SHADE Definition and Demonstration of Special
Handheld based Applications in Difficult


Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

UAV-x-NAV Integrated high precision navigation device for UAVs   2015


Receiver and System Specification and Development

GAIMS 2 GNSS Airport Interference Monitoring System
including Localization Capabilities

GAIMS GNSS Airport Interference Monitoring System   2014

PURSIT Galileo Public Regulated Service Signal
Simulation and Position, Velocity, and
Time Calculation

RT-PPP Development of a real-time PPP processing facility   2012

SoftGNSStrusted Signal authentication utilizing a dual frequency
software-based GNSS receiver for trusted positioning

GAMMA-A Galileo Receiver for Mass Market Applications
in the Automotive Area

RA-PPP Innovative Algorithms for Rapid Precise Point Positioning   2010

SoftGNSS Dual frequency software-based GNSS receiver   2010

GAMMA Assisted Galileo/GPS/EGNOS Mass
Market Receiver

EMAG Feasibility Study for an Experimental Platform for Multi-modal Applications of Galileo   2006

GALILEO TUS C0 Galileo Test User Segment – Phase C0   2004



Technology and Research Studies

ATTP National Implementation & Management of
Technology Transfer Initiative in Austria

Plough Stars Services and applications for winter road maintenance   2015

SafeSki Safety and Information Services
for Ski Resorts

TAUPAS Towards an Austrian PRS Access Server   2015

SafeRail Improving Safety at Railway Level Crossings   2014

GNSS Signal Analysis Algorithmic and bit-true modeling of
GNSS signals and analysis of their
interference performance

CAGIR C-Band Assessment for GNSS Architecture Improvement   2009

Space-RX Definition Study for a spaceborne GNSS receiver   2005



ENC 2013 The European Navigation Conference 2013
Vienna, 23 – 25 April 2013

GNSS 2003 The European Navigation Conference 2003
Graz, 22 – 25 April 2003